Commercial Hydraulic Pump repair (3169632010)

commercial hydraulic pump repair 3169632010
showing individual units
The pump was dismantled and all parts cleaned and inspected for wear.  Excessive heat had caused the shaft to shear and gears to seize inside their bearings.

Commercial hydraulic pump repair 3169632010
Gears - showing damage
The pump was repaired using some existing parts and new parts, as follows:-

3162920250  Gear shaft set
3162820000  Gear set
3162815000  Gear set
3168220100  Gear housing
Commercial hydraulic pump repair 3169632010
Bearing carrier
3168215100  Gear housing
3912185020  Thrust plate
3910381060  Bearing
3912585011  Ring seal
3912881457  O Ring
3912883052  Shaft seal
3912882084  Pocket seal
3912884024  Gasket seal
3165037202  Shaft end cover

The repaired pump was tested on our in-house test rig.

Commercial hydraulic pump repair 3169632010
Bearing carriers cleaned, showing new
thrust plates and bearings in place
P&R Hydraulics is an official Parker Hannifin (formerly known as Commercial Intertech) distributor and can supply the above parts either assembled as a hydraulic pump or individually.

P&R Hydraulics can repair, service and test most makes of hydraulic pumps, motors and valves.  Please contact our Service Department on tel: 01603 424880 for more details.