Drilling Rig - Hydraulic Fault

hydraulic repair - drilling rig
Drilling rig

Our experienced hydraulic engineer was called out to site to investigate the hydraulic fault on a Hanjin P6000 drilling rig.

He removed the tank top filter lid and found the hydraulic oil to be contaminated with excessive amounts of brass and metal.  The hydraulic pump was disconnected for repair, the hydraulic tank cleaned and all filters removed.  The next job was to remove as much oil from the hydraulic system as possible.  The return filter assembly was cleaned and the return filter and small suction filter were renewed.  He cleaned the large suction
suction filter - hydraulic repair
Large suction filter
filter, as best possible.  The repaired hydraulic pump was re-installed and re-connected to the hydraulic pipes.

Our engineer left the site when he was satisfied with his work.  The customer was to fill the tank, run and check the hydraulic system.

hydraulic pump - hydraulic repair
Hydraulic pump
P&R Hydraulics offers a local on-site service for the East Anglia region.  Site visits further afield will be considered - please contact our Service Department for more details (01603 424880).