Kontak hydraulic valve repair

A Kontak hydraulic valve (7 section) was brought into our workshop for inspection.  Our engineer dismantled the valve and all parts were cleaned and inspected for wear.  The seals were found to be worn and parts were missing from some handle assemblies.  The worksections were in need of a thorough clean due to excessive rust and contamination. 

Kontak hydraulic valve Parker HannifinThe valve was reassembled with the following new parts:-

346 9149 103  Spool seal kit
346 9149 201  Intersection kit
346 9102 479  Worksection
345 0500 004  Bracket
352 9100 102  Link kit
W12                Dowty
W8                  Dowty
BS116             O Ring

The repaired valve was tested for operation and the relief valve pressures checked.

P&R Hydraulics can inspect, service and repair hydraulic motors, pumps and valves using our in-house workshop and test-rig.  We are a distributor for Parker Hannifin parts (aka Kontak and Commercial Intertech), in particular Commercial gear pumps/motors and valves and we hold many items in stock, please contact us for availability.

Kontak hydraulic valve repair 7 section
Kontak hydraulic valve being tested