Danfoss PVG120 valve

3 Steps to building a Danfoss PVG120 valve

Step 1 - individual items

Danfoss PVG120 valve

155G5020   Inlet section
155G6014   Work section
155G6081   Plug
155G3040   Lever assembly
155G6468   Spool
155G7020   End cover (upper)
155G7040   End cover (lower)
155G8032   Assembly kit
155G4061   Cover plate

Step 2 - assemble components

Step 3 - test finished valve

Danfoss PVG120 valve - test

P & R Hydraulics is an authorised Danfoss sales partner and can supply a PVG120 valve assembled or as individual components.  We can also assemble and supply Danfoss PVG32 and PVG100 valves.  Please contact us for more information - tel: 01603 424880.