Danfoss PVG32 hydraulic valve

A Danfoss PVG32 valve was built in our workshop, to our customer's specifications. Our customer manufactures excavators (both track and wheeled) and required a two sectioned PVG32 valve for their recent build. 

The following Danfoss parts were used in the assembly of the valve:-

155L2150   Name plate
Danfoss PVG32 Valve individual parts155L7504   Spring
157B0008   End cover
157B2190   Shock valve
157B3171   Actuator
157B4228   Actuator
157B5110   Inlet cover
157B6230   Worksection
157B7002   Spool
157B8002   Assembly Kit
157B2000   End plate

P & R Hydraulics Ltd can supply items individually or as an assembled hydraulic valve. This valve can also be multi-functional with more working sections. The PVG32 load independant valve can be used for applications with flow up to 130 l/min and pressures up to 350 bar. We can also assemble and supply Danfoss PVG100 and PVG120 valves.

P & R hydraulics Ltd is an official Danfoss sales partner, please contact us for further details - tel 01603 424880.

Danfoss PVG32 valve test
Testing PVG32 valve

Danfoss PVG32 valve build two section
Finished PVG32 valve