Danfoss PVG32/4 valve assembly inspection

A Danfoss PVG32/4 valve assembly was brought to our workshop for inspection.  The valve was dismantled, all parts cleaned and inspected for wear.  The internal parts were badly worn and the valve was beyond economical repair.

Danfoss PVG32/4 valve inspection
Image showing badly worn internal parts of Danfoss PVG32/4 valve
P & R Hydraulics is an official sales partner for Danfoss Power Solutions and we can supply their products at competitive prices, covered by their manufacturer's waranty.  We have the ability to assemble all Danfoss PVG valves in our in-house workshop (PVG16, PVG32, PVG100 and PVG120).  Please contact us for more details on tel: 01603 424880 or mail@pandrhydraulics.com.