Hy-Pro V5 Spool Valve Assembly

Our engineer built a Hy-Pro V5 spool valve (single section) to suit our customer's specifications, using the following parts:-

V5-140-T4  Inlet
V5-ACX     Worksection
V5-H           Lever Kit
V5-T40       Outlet
V5-80         Assembly bolts
F Kit           Float Kit 

The assembled V5 spool valve was checked for operation.

P & R Hydraulics is an official distributor for Hy-Pro (Hydraulic Projects Ltd) and can supply assembled units or individual components.  Please contact our sales team on tel: 01603 424880 for more information.

Hy-Pro V5 Spool Valve
Hy-Pro V5 Spool Valve (image shows a 5 section unit)