Spool Valve with rotary lever - Hy-Pro

A customer needed a Hy-Pro V5 spool valve with a rotary lever and as it is for a maritime application it has been assembled using a marinised worksection (corrosion resistant).

The Hy-Pro V5 rotary lever has been developed to enable the operator precise control of motors and cylinders.  The lever swings through an 130° arc and works by means of a scroll which converts the rotary action of the lever into axial movement of the spool.  The centring mechanism has a friction detent feature which positively holds the spool in neutral then maintains the selected position.


Used extensively in the forestry and fishing industry to control the speed of conveyors and winches.


  • 130° movement
  • Compact design
  • Spool options
  • Detent in neutral
  • Friction hold
  • Robust mechanism
  • Toughened components
  • Cast iron body and scroll

Short video showing the V5 rotary lever in action

P & R Hydraulics is an official distributor for Hy-Pro (Hydraulic Projects Ltd) and can supply assembled units or individual components.  Please contact our sales team on tel: 01603 424880 for more information.