Danfoss PVG120/32 valve

A Danfoss PVG120/32 combination valve was built in our workshop to our customer's specifications, using the parts listed below:-

155G3050   Lever assembly
155G4022   Cover - PVG120
155G5020   Inlet section
155G6014   Worksection
155G6080    Relief valve
155G6456   Spool
155G7033   Inter module
155G7043   End cover
155G8041   Assembly kit PVG120/32
155L7504    Spool spring
157B0001   Spool end cover
157B0008   Spool end cover
157B2000    End Cover
157B3171    Mechanical actuator
157B6203   Worksection
157B7022   Spool
157B7023    Spool
157B7121   Spool
157B8006   Assembly kit

P & R Hydraulics Ltd is an official Danfoss sales partner and can supply all of the mentioned parts, either individually or as an assembled valve. We can also assemble and supply Danfoss PVG16, PVG32, PVG100 and PVG120 valves. Please contact us for further details - tel 01603 424880.

The load-sensing PVG120 is a combined directional and flow control valve made for high flow, high pressure demands. The valve is suitable for mining and drilling rigs, forest attachments, marine applications like winches and bow thruster.

Danfoss PVG120/32 combination valve
Danfoss PVG120/32 combination valve