Volumetric Mixer Hydraulic Pump Repair

Commercial/Parker Hannifin hydraulic pump repair

Part number 323 9130 196 PGP350L*442xxxAB25-98xxxAB15-1xxxAB10-1

Shaft - damaged

The pump was sent to us for repair as it had a broken shaft (please see image).

The pump was dismantled, all parts cleaned and inspected.  The following parts were replaced:-

323 2925 240   gear set (containing drive shaft)
323 8125 100   gear housing
391 0381 077   bearing
391 2882 139   seal
391 2882 140   seal
391 2883 103   seal
391 2884 074   seal

The pump was reassembled, tested on our in-house test rig and returned to our customer together with an adaptor kit.

P & R Hydraulics is an official distributor for Parker Hannifin (formerly known as Commercial Intertech).  All of the above items can be supplied individually or as an assembled unit.  We can supply single pumps and motors, tandem pumps, triple pumps and quad pumps.  Also we can do custom builds, build to existing specifications or repair an original unit (as above).

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Parker Hannifin  Commercial 323 9130 196 hydrauic repair
Hydraulic pump repaired