Commercial Hydraulic Pump Part No 3227567031 - assembled

The Commercial hydraulic pump (part number 3227567031) was assembled using the following components:-

commercial hydraulic pump 3227567031 components
components used

3225123202 shaft end cover
3223110100 port end cover
3228117100 gear housing
3222917250 gear set
3913784028 washer
3911401089 stud
3912883052 seal
3912884052 seal
3912082062 dowel
Commercial hydraulic pump test
pump bolted on test rig

 3911432004 drive screw
3912185055 thrust plate
3912883176 seal
3912883177 seal

The finished pump was tested on our test rig, at 1200 RPM, anticlockwise rotation.

The pump was sprayed, as per our customer's instructions.

Commercial hydraulic pump
Finished pump
P&R Hydraulics Ltd is an official distributor for Parker Hannifin and can supply the above pump as an assembled unit or the individual components.

Please contact our Service Department for further details - tel 01603 424880.