Hydraulic Winch Attachment

Sauer Danfoss hydraulic motor OMSS80 151F0535
hydraulic system
A Manitou hydraulic winch attachment was brought to our workshop for inspection because the hydraulic system was leaking.

The hydraulic motor (Danfoss OMSS80 151F0535) was removed from the winch assembly.

The motor was dismantled, all parts cleaned
 and inspected.

hydraulic winch attachment
hydraulic winch attachment
An incorrect shaft seal was found to be the problem.  So a new seal kit was fitted.

The hydraulic motor was reassembled, tested and re-attached to the hydraulic winch assembly.

The hydraulic winch assembly was tested.

P&R Hydraulics Ltd can perform hydraulic repairs - please contact our Service Department on tel 01603 424880 for more details.