Site visit - Powerscreen Conveyor

main conveyor motor and shaker motor
Our customer's powerscreen conveyor was not
working correctly.  Two hydraulic motors were
dismantled from the conveyor and brought into
our workshop for inspection.  One motor was
OK, but the other one was unrepairable and so
replaced with a new unit.

The motors were installed onto the powerscreen conveyor but still the machinery did not operate correctly.  So our experienced hydraulics engineer was called out to site to investigate.  He checked the flow and pressure of a hydraulic pump fitted to a powerscreen conveyor.  The front section of the pump failed the test procedure so a new pump was supplied and fitted.  When satisfied that everything was working correctly our engineer left the site.

P&R Hydraulics offers an on-site service for customers based in the East Anglia region.  We will consider visits further afield - please contact us for more details.

Our hydraulic engineer will visit the site to diagnose the problem and communicate fully with the customer regarding necessary action.  Where possible the repair will be performed on-site. However, some times it is necessary for the hydraulic unit to be brought back to our workshop for repair and test.

Please contact our Service Department on 01603 424880 for more details.

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