Eaton Hydraulic Motor repair

Eaton hydraulic motor 112-1067-006 repair
Eaton hydraulic motor (internal view)

Model No 112-1067-006

A unidentified hydraulic motor was brought into our workshop for inspection.  Our engineer identified the unit as an Eaton hydraulic motor model number 112-1067-006.  The motor was dismantled, all parts were cleaned and inspected for wear.  Pitting on the shaft at the location of the shaft seal was causing the motor to fail.  The shaft/bearing assembly was renewed and the motor resealed.  The re-assembled motor was tested on our in-house test rig.

P & R Hydraulics is able to perform inspections, repairs and tests on hydraulic motors, pumps and valves.  If the original unit is considered beyond economic repair, we are able to quote for and supply a replacement unit.

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