Winch assembly repair - site visit

Winch assembly repair - Danfoss HTP25 hydraulic pump

A new customer contacted us to purchase a Danfoss HTP25 hydraulic pump.  Upon finding out more about P&R Hydraulics' site visit service, the customer instructed us to install the pump onto a winch assembly.

Our engineer travelled to the docks and boarded the vessel that housed the winch assembly.  The old pump was removed and the winch assembly was inspected.  He installed the replacement Danfoss HTP25 hydraulic pump and re-filled the hydraulic tank with hydraulic oil.  The winch assembly was re-assembled and checked for operation.

P&R Hydraulics offers an on site service for the East Anglian region - please contact us for further details on 01603 424880.  Site visits further afield will be considered, the above is an example of this.

Danfoss HTP25 hydraulic pump
Danfoss HTP25 hydraulic pump
Winch assembly hydraulic repair
The docks