Hydraulic spool valve inspection

A customer contacted us because they were having problems with an excavator and thought the spool valve was at fault.  The 10 bank valve was removed from the excavator - coloured cable ties were fitted to all inlets and outlets to ensure the valve would be re-fitted correctly.  The valve was brought into our workshop for inspection.  Our engineer cleaned and inspected the valve, and prepared it for testing on the test rig.  Preliminary tests showed that nothing was wrong with the travel sections of the valve.  After more thorough testing our engineer concluded the valve was not faulty and was therefore returned to our customer.

Later on our customer informed us that the problem was on another part of the excavator.

hydraulic spool valve inspection
Hydraulic spool valve

P&R Hydraulics offers a repair service on hydraulic pumps, motors and valves.  Our in-house workshop and maintenance facility includes a full test rig which allows our experienced team to rapidly diagnose any product faults and failures.

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