Fairground Ride - hydraulic repair

HTL (Hydrostatic Transmissions Limited) 
Hydrostatic Transmissions Limited hydraulic motor
HTL hydraulic motor
(internal view)

hydraulic motor repair
Model No: MHA1400C107BV15

The owner of a Miami fairground ride sent the HTL hydraulic motor into our workshop for repair.  Our engineer dismantled the motor and found the shaft broken and the piston housing badly scoured.  All other parts were cleaned and inspected and renewed as necessary, together with a new shaft and piston housing.

Our engineer completed the delicate operation of re-assembling the motor and tested it on our in-house test rig, before returning back to the fairground ride owner.

P&R Hydraulics can inspect, test and repair hydraulic motors, pumps and valves using our in-house workshop and test rig.
Please contact our Service Department for further details - tel 01603 424880.

HTL hydraulic motor repair
Broken shaft

HTL hydraulic motor repair
HTL hydraulic motor
internal parts